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What is Polyurethane Foam ?

Article Reposted from  Nick Connor Polyurethane foam insulation is available in closed-cell and open-cell formulas. Polyurethane foam can be used as cavity wall insulation or as roof insulation. Thermal Engineering Polyurethane FoamPolyurethane foam (PUR) is a closed cell thermoset polymer. Polyurethane polymers are traditionally and most commonly formed by reacting a di- or poly-isocyanate with a polyol. Polyurethane [...]

Air Sealing vs. Insulation

Air sealing and insulation are two essential components of energy-efficient and comfortable buildings. They serve different but complementary purposes in improving the energy performance and comfort of a structure. Here's a breakdown of each: Air Sealing: Purpose: Air sealing refers to the process of sealing gaps, cracks, and openings in a building's envelope to prevent [...]

Build for Endurance

Improve Weather and Storm Resistance Severe weather events can wreak serious damage to buildings. Independent post-hurricane surveys of roof systems by NIST 1 and RICOWI 2 found that SPF roofs perform extremely well. Researchers noted SPF’s high performance in moisture prevention, keeping the roofs intact and providing protection from hail and debris.  SPF roofing systems tenaciously bond [...]