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Severe Weather Warning

Severe Weather
Tornado outbreaks occur when a storm system propelled by a strong, southward dip in the jet stream punches into the Plains, Midwest or South. This is accompanied by warm and humid air flowing northward out of the Gulf of Mexico. The jet stream provides deep wind shear, or changing wind speed and direction with height, supportive of rotating supercell thunderstorms. [...]

Are you ready for Extreme Weather?

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One in a succession of winter storms is still producing heavy rain, snow and high winds in parts of New  England after unleashing severe thunderstorms with embedded tornadoes across the Southeast U.S. on Jan 9 2024. At the storm's peak, 196 million people were under wind advisories, warnings and watches, including entire states from Florida to Maine, [...]

Snow vs. Rain

Roofs collapse under the weight of snow in New York. Two feet of snow on a roof can weigh 19 tons. Because of that, emergency rescue crews had to deal with numerous roof collapses across western New York last winter. The main difference between snow and rain is snow sticks and stays and rain drains. If snow [...]