Build for Endurance

Improve Weather and Storm Resistance
Severe weather events can wreak serious damage to buildings. Independent post-hurricane surveys of roof systems by NIST 1 and RICOWI 2 found that SPF roofs perform extremely well. Researchers noted SPF’s high performance in moisture prevention, keeping the roofs intact and providing protection from hail and debris.  SPF roofing systems tenaciously bond to a wide range of substrates, which greatly enhances its wind uplift resistance protecting buildings and contents during strong weather events. SPF roofing systems resist leaking from wind driven debris and hail due to its closed cell properties and any damaged areas can be quickly repaired.

GreenShield Product Spotlight – Green Seal 3.0

GreenSeal 3.0 is a sprayed-in-place, nominal 70 psi compressive strength, rigid, -blown, closed-cell spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing system. This two-component SPF consists of GreenSeal 3.0 B Component resin and GreenSeal A Component. GreenSeal 3.0 provides an R-value of 6.3 per inch and a continuous insulation without thermal breaks. GreenSeal 3.0 SPF roofing systems provide excellent wind uplift, are self-flashing and seamless, and the closed-cell nature provides a durable, leak-resistant roofing system. 

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